Autism – Fly Away

Fly Away is about a single mother Jeanne attempting to manage her teen daughters severe autism as a lone parent.  Jeanne is hesitant to seek help as she feels seeking help is ultimately her failing.

        Parents with children that sufferer from disorders such as Autism often are scared to seek help and feel as if excepting the aid of others suggests that they cannot handel their children.  Parents need to understand, it is not that you cannot handel your children, it is the fact that life is overwhelming with jobs, house keeping, dinners, and school.  Your children are not the problem, it is the life that we as humans have created for ourselves that is the issue, and unfortunately life gets in the way of us being able to tend to our children’s every need. Autistic children need tons of care to flourish, and excepting help is only proving that you love your child.

This particular movie is absolutely amazing, it is rather short, only 40 mins. long, but in this crazy life we all live, a 40 min. movie is just long enough to hang out for a bit and relax, so the legnth of this movie is one of the things I enjoy most about it.

The actors and actresses are all wonderful as well, the girl who plays Mandy is especially phenomenal.

I particularly like the little aspects of the movie, such as the scheduals, the pictures on Mandy’s door, and the lables around the house because they are what make Fly Away so realistic.

I deem this movie as a must watch for parents who have disabled children, and for anyone who has the passion to care for disabled children, but I warn you, some parts are tear jerkers.

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