No one is watching.

No one is watching you so loosen up.  I pity uptight people because honestly, no one is watching.  Other then the very few people who like me go to the mall just to people watch for social science classes not many people are focusing on what you are doing.  At the stop light sing your heart out cause honestly who cares who hears you, whether your voice be bad or good, roll your windows down and embrace the fact that you don’t care who hears, because who are they to judge.  If you fear wearing heels then I think you should wear them.  Are you afraid you are walking funny?  So what, who cares, no one is watching.  And if people are, what does it matter, do you really think they are going to sit down with their family at the dinner table and describe how horribly you walked in your heels?  I don’t think so.  People need to stop fearing what others think of them.  I want everyone to dance like no one is watching.

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