Back in the day people didn’t strive to be happy.
People strived to be content.
People strived to be settled.
People strived to just survive each day.

Now we all strive for happiness.

But, maybe just surviving, just being content

should make us happy…

Everyone around me seems to be searching, seeking, running, and racing towards happiness.  And everyone is trying to get there before everyone else, just so that they can say that they got there first.

I will not lie; I am running along side these people as fast as I can, trying to get there first too, as if there is not enough “happiness” to go around.

But can someone please stop for a moment and show me a map

because I am not exactly sure…

Where is happy?

Some people say that they will find happy somewhere other then here…

But where the hell is here?

Why can’t I be happy here?

And, I must also ask, if happiness is not a tangible object then how do we know if we have it or not?

Maybe we all have it right underneath noses,

Just maybe we are all basking in happiness at this very moment,

We just don’t know it

Because we cannot sense it.

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