Certain people

There’s just something about certain people; they are so candid.  Take a picture of them and they glow, Pose them and the fall like toy soldiers.  They are those spur of the moment kinda people.  Like free birds they fly around and they always seem to find shelter when it rains.  They never worry, they never have to run, time keeps changing, but they always stay the same.  Capture them in the moment and you can see thier soul.  I don’t know where the hell there souls come from, but I love those kinda people.  The funny thing is though, they intimidate me, and no matter how much Id love to get close to them, I become to hypnotized by there intoxicating presence that I shut my mouth and stand off.

If you understand what I am attempting to describe then I recommend the book Silent Power by Stuart Wilde.

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